St. Luke Icon

St. Luke Icon

The representation of St. Luke enthroned and holding a Book. Born in Antioch / Syria, author of one of the Gospels, Luke was a physician and probably traveled with St. Paul to Italy. Although in medieval tradition it is believed that he was martyred, he is likely to have passed away from old age in Greece. According to legend, Lucas was a painter and produced several portraits of the Virgin, being thus considered, the holy protector of the painters, doctors and pharmacists. As an evangelist, Luke can be represented by reading his gospel. Its attribute is a winged Taurus.

AUTHOR: Unknown author
TECHNIQUE: Egg tempera on wood (Riga pine)
DIMENSIONS: 33,3x 46 cm

Rusty Gold Leaf
Loss of pictorial layer
Supporting wood with cracks
Presence of nails damaging wood and pictural layer

The work presented important damage on the pictorial layer with a detachment
in some areas and craquelures, besides oxidation of the gilding coming from
restoration made with false gold leaf.

  • Budget:

  • Date:

    agosto 24, 2017