Adélio Sarro

Restauro do quadro de Adélio Sarro

Adélio Sarro Sobrinho (Andradina SP 1950). Painter, draftsman, and sculptor. Conducts his studies in a self-taught way. At the beginning of his career he produces paintings and later uses low-reliefs that he performs with a mixture of varied materials, such as cement and various glues. His first solo exhibition takes place in 1972, in São Bernardo do Campo, the same year he receives his first award, an honorable mention at the 20th ABPA Collective Exhibition. In 1981 he travels to Tokyo (Japan) for exhibitions at the Japan International Artists Society of Tokyo and the Yamakataia Department Store. Between 1998 and 2000 it realizes diverse monuments for public squares of São Caetano do Sul-SP.

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    October 07, 2016