São Caetano Chapel Restoration

São Caetano Chapel Restoration Bragança Paulista – Brazil.

The intervention proposal for Caetano Chapel Restoration was to transform an old house, which
had fulfilled its destiny as a residence, in a chapel. After a survey carried out by the team of CANER STUDIO, the old brick floor appeared that was under a layer of mortar and tiles, the floor was cleaned and restored. The roof has been restored using most of the old ceramic tiles, carefully removed to preserve its appearance.

The intervention was oriented to rescue and refunctionalize the building following the pattern of all the elements of the headquarters of the farm, without making unnecessary additions, but following the elements and thus maintaining its balance and the harmony of the set of the buildings of the farm. The expansion of the internal space, removing the walls coming from various modifications, created a new identity, which does not damage the whole of the farm. A new space that does not degrade, but that transforms and finds new meaning.

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  • Date:

    August 18, 2017