Antonio Rocco

Restauração do quadro

(Amalfi, Italy 1880 – São Paulo SP 1944). Painter and teacher. He studied painting with Domenico Morelli (1826 – 1901) and Filippo Palizzi (1818 – 1899), at the Institute of Fine Arts in Naples between 1899 and 1905, when he presented the Os Mineiros canvas. He took part in the Turin Biennial in 1908. He came to Brazil in 1913 and settled in São Paulo. Source:

WORK: Portrait (Academic)
AUTHOR: Antonio Rocco
TECHNIQUE: oil on canvas
DIMENSIONS: 25 x 35 cm

Diagnosis: Filth – Xylophagous – Rusty varnish – Torn fabric – Pictorial layer damaged

Work presented its pictorial layer quite compromised, with important damage and craquelures on the pictural layer. The varnish was oxidized and the canvas fabric contained dirt from the weather. The frame was under attack by xylophagous insects and was done a termite treatment.

Procedures adopted: Fixation of the pictorial layer on a vacuum hot table Cleaning the fabric by mapping Cleaning and extraction of oxidized varnish Leveling and retouching of missing parts Protection of the pictorial layer with suitable varnish application Replacement of the old chassis with cedar stretcher bars Cleaning the frame while maintaining original features Crack closing Reintegration with retouching  "tratteggio"
Frame restoration with gold leaf

  • Budget:

  • Date:

    August 18, 2017